Shane Schoeller for Greene County Clerk |

Honorable John Ashcroft, former United States Attorney General

As you may know, a well-proven public servant of high integrity, Shane Schoeller, is the Republican nominee for the important post of Greene County Clerk.  He would succeed Richard Struckhoff, Dennis Hobbs, and Roy Blunt, all of whom gave Greene County a priceless heritage of honest and trustworthy elections. Not[…]

Senator “Aunt” Norma Champion

Shane is exactly the kind of leader we need to ensure fair elections for our county and our state. We have seen voter fraud here in Missouri and it is important that we have honest leaders like Shane overseeing our elections.


Elections are the most the visible portion of the duties administered by the County Clerk. Conducting elections that are fair and trusted by all voters is essential to maintaining the trust and assurance of the public each time they cast a ballot. Fairness isn’t just an ideal. It is a[…]


Government, and most especially the elections process, must be accessible to the people who pay for it. Shane Schoeller brings a significant and well developed sense of accountability and understanding to the responsibilities of County Clerk which include not only elections but also tax administration, county archives, payment of county[…]


It is imperative that Greene County know its Clerk is not only a person of integrity, but someone with the professional skills and experience to ensure the integrity of the elections process. Shane is prepared to face the challenges ahead that will impact Greene County voters. One issue that Shane[…]


We know Shane Schoeller. He has a track record of professional integrity and conservative values in both the private and public sectors. Along with many others in Greene County who have endorsed Shane, we can trust him with one of the cornerstones of our nation since its founding, the local[…]