Elections are the most the visible portion of the duties administered by the County Clerk. Conducting elections that are fair and trusted by all voters is essential to maintaining the trust and assurance of the public each time they cast a ballot.

Fairness isn’t just an ideal. It is a professional skill — one that Shane Schoeller has demonstrated effectively throughout his career. Fairness is defined as the quality of treating people equally. In practice, it is the ability to consider everything that has an effect on a situation so that a fair judgment can be made.

Those who are proficient practitioners of fairness are often selected to serve in leadership positions. That certainly holds true for Shane Schoeller. While representing us in the Missouri House of Representatives, Shane was honored to be unanimously elected by both Democrats and Republicans as Speaker Pro Tem — a role that requires exercising good-faith and fairness, in addition to a firm knowledge of the rules, when legislation is being debated and amended by the entire body of the Missouri House.